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DJ Lady Lane presents...Africa Runs NYC| 5 Word Mixtape | with Gbenga Akinnagbe [Episode #18]
November 20, 2011 03:39 AM PST

DJ Lady Lane presents...Africa Runs NYC |5 Word Mixtape| with Gbenga Akinnagbe: THE MIXTAPE

On November 6th, 2011, Gbenga Akinnagbe (Nurse Jackie, the Good Wife, the Wire), ran his 1st ING New York City Marathon. He was part of the All for Africa Team; a non-profit organization, helping to end poverty in Africa by planting 1 Million Trees, to create sustainability.
As a "thank you" to all the people out there that supported him, monetarily, spiritually, and verbally, he dedicated his 5 Word Mixtape to EVERYONE!

Gbenga Akinnagbe's 5 WORDS| Super|Fast|African|Food|Dance...GENRE| Wildcard

[Links: Africa Runs NYC | All For Africa ]


The Africa Runs NYC with Gbenga Akinnagbe |for ALL for Africa| PLAYLIST:

Come on Feet by Quasimoto

Step in the Arena by Gangstarr

Band Practice Pt. II feat Phonte & Median by 9th Wonder

Medicine Men feat. A.R.M. [African Rebel Movement] by Illvibe Collective

Doin it [Dj Lady Lane ReFix Mix Wengeze Style] by So Shifty & Eazzy

Onwu Nna Na Nwa [Schlachofthbronx Remix] by Onyenze

Laquisha feat. Taiwan by French Fries

Water No Get Enemy feat Roy Hargrove, Nile Rgers, The Soultronics, & Positive Force by Femi Kuti, D'Angelo & Macy Gray

Rudoofrica Beat by Daru Jones

Telantena Zare by Alèmayèhu Eshèté [with the Alèm-Girma Band)

Black Soul Brothers [Dj Phat Kev] by Miguel de Deus

Semba da Ilha 2009 by blnd!

Oru by blnd!

De Roof is on Fire by Leo Justi

A Mili Pon De Roolf [Leo Justi Heavy Baile Mix] by Lil Wayne

Fat Punnany Remix feat Leftside & Mystic Davis by Schlachofthbronx

The Bike Song [Major Lazer Remix] by Mark Ronson and The Business Intl

Taxi feat. Mos Def & Whosane by Ski Beatz

Night Air by Jamie Woon

Down by Slakah the Beatchild

Stage Lights [remix] by Yelawolf

365 by Black Milk

Zodiac Shit by Flying Lotus

Dub y Guaganco by Quantic 

Stronger feat. Bounty Killer by Cham

Storm [Just Blaze Remix] feat. Jay-Z by Lenny Kravitz

Whisper Sweet Somethings feat. Deadmau5 by Dj Lady Lane

Makin Dreams Beat by Daru & D'Angelo

Episode #17- Shaolin Soul: Foundations of WU [Black History Month Tribute to Music]
February 23, 2011 07:08 PM PST
itunes pic

In Celebration of Black History Month, a group of us from BK/Vancouver got together to throw an event:

Shaolin Soul:Foundations of WU [A Black History Month Tribute to Music]

At Fortune Sound Club (Vancouver, BC)

The Party concept and Mixtape/Podcast were inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan's "Shaolin Soul" albums, which pay tribute to the Original Songs sampled/that influenced their music.

In a Radio Interview w/ Evolution Radio 107.9, I mentioned that,

'Sampling is like our generation's "Oral Tradition". In Africa, stories are passed along in this manner, and I've realized this is how stories are passed along now, through Music."


In an Effort to pass along the "Music Tradition" a % of our Proceeds are being donated to Templeton Secondary School's Jazz Music Program. Hopefully the proceeds and donated instruments will enrich a child's life and allow them the gift of music, that all should have. 


I hope you Enjoy this mix, it was quite the "Labor of Love"...and marks Black History Month 2011!

Light & Love,

~DJ Lady Lane~







Episode #16- DJ Lady Lane Presents....Last Plane to Lagos...TheMixtape
October 02, 2010 09:49 PM PDT
itunes pic

Nigeria marked it's 50th year of Independence on October 1, 2010.
It is a time to reflect, rejoice, step back, and create. Commemoration is necessary and so is Change, Far we have Come & Further we need to Go.

Last Plane to Lagos.com is a Source for Rich Culture & Art, Lifestyle & Music, and my inspiration for this 5 Word Mixtape. They are active promoters and supporters of African influenced pieces, happenings, and accomplishments.

Their Words... African, Generation, Next, Creative, Movement..

so ENJOY!!

*Each time I have MORE & MORE fun making these mixes...This one is a GET Up & DANCE mix*

Much Love & Light.
~DJ Lady Lane~

Episode #15- SPECIAL EDITION, DJ Lady Lane 5 Word Mixtape..."The Thin Place" w/ The Intiman Theatre
Icon_chapters   Explicit
May 21, 2010 07:33 PM PDT
itunes pic

"The Thin Place" is The Intiman Theatre's WORLD PREMIERE for their 2010 Season.
In Honor of this Amazing play, and the Human Race's Journey to find that Spirituality, that Higher Place, that lies within all of us....That THIN PLACE.....A Mix.

If you are in Seattle or Close by....GO SEE IT!! I know I WILL smiley
Visit the Mini-Site, share your experiences, or read others.

Here is an Excerpt from The Intiman's Description, on this inspirational piece:

--The Thin Place is a modern-day battle of wills inspired by interviews conducted by Seattle radio-journalist, KUOW’s Marcie Sillman. In this world premiere play by local playwright Sonya Schneider, one actor seamlessly transitions through eleven characters, revealing how personal circumstances shape who we are and who we may become. --(www.intiman.org/2010Season/thinplace/default.aspx)

Starring Gbenga Akinnagbe
(HBO's "The Wire", CBS "The Good Wife")

By Sonya Schneider
Conceived and Directed by Andrew Russell

Based on Marcie Sillman's interviews
with local residents
Playing May14th- June 13th, 2010

**Life is a Flow of Light & Love, why not enjoy it to it's fullest...Breathe, Dance, Sweat, Love, LIVE.**
~DJ Lady Lane~

Episode #14: DJ Lady Lane presents....."Get Dressed to This" w/ Retail DJ
February 04, 2010 12:34 PM PST
itunes pic

About a month ago, Retail DJ approached me to be their 1st Feature for their "What's Good?" piece....It was a wonderful experience!! and probably the LAST time I will ever be allowed to talk that much for an interview, haha.

I also did an Awesome PhotoShoot & mini-interview w/ The Lovely Wendi & Kristal....
In Honor of Getting Ready to Get Down..... A MIX!!

Enjoy the RetailDJ edition of DJ Lady Lane's Five Word Mixtape...

and Check out their features....They are Your Newest Source for that GOOD Music (it's still out there!!)

Thank you Wendi, Kristal, and GG....

As you put your hair in, up...put your boots on, and your jeans & dresses... GET DRESSED TO THIS!!!

~Lady Lane~

A DJ Lady Lane.....Remix aka The Love Child: LadyLazer (Major Lazer & DJ Lady Lane)
February 02, 2010 10:42 PM PST
itunes pic

Major Lazer's "Hold the Line" is my JAMMY JAM!....
So I made this....
ENJOY! winking

This is also a "Treat" as I have been living out of suitcases, planes, and Country Codes.....just trying to get that GOOD Music for ya'll

~DJ Lady Lane~

p.s. Look out Thursday...Retail DJ's 5 Word Mixtape will be in your Ears.. "Get Dressed to This"....

Episode #12: The WildRover Mixtape
December 19, 2009 01:32 AM PST
itunes pic

"Wild: Living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated

Rover: A person who roves; wanderer

Wild Rover: A movement that offers an edgy, yet sophisticated disruption of the norm through fresh design and modern apparel."

::SOURCE: http://www.wildroverclothing.com/about/::

I've known Brendan Burke, The Owner of Wild Rover Clothing Inc. the for almost 4 years, and I am Proud of him!!
I would like to Introduce you ALL to WILD ROVER, and WILD ROVER TO YOU!

Inspired by his Irish roots, Brendan created this brand for the New Generation. The Shamrock is often associated with Olde World Lore & Breakfast Cereal. So, he decided to reclaim the Pride that he and so many others wear proudly in their Hearts....and now on their Backs....

A Challenge...yes, it was A CHALLENGE...

Only Brendan would ask me to mix The Pogues, Sam Cooke, The Ramones, and Jay-Z.....amongst some other WINNERS!!

A DJ Lady Lane Exclusive: Wild Rover Mixtape

VISIT Wild Rover for your APPAREL and to be a WILD ROVER!

Episode #11: World AIDS Edition Mix
December 11, 2009 11:31 AM PST

December 1st was "World AIDS Day", but One DAY, is not enough to educate and create awareness about the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Educating others about HIV/AIDS is something very near & dear to my Life & Heart.

Something that is forgotten about this disease is the LOVE that it involves.
There are all different types of Love, so this Mixtape's Theme is
"Love Stories"...
1st Love, Unrequited Love, Love at First Sight, Painful Love, Puppy Love, Dying Love, Love of Life.....these are all Love Stories....


This Month's MixTape's will be Dedicated to WORLD AIDS...and will carry through the THREAD of LOVE.

"Save a Life, Save Your Own"
~DJ Lady Lane~


Thank You to

For Spreading the Music and Helping Others to Help Others....Much LOVE!
http://twitter.com/YouCanHelp (You can FOLLOW them on TWITTER too!)

Episode # 10: Family♥Part 2: HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK! Brian!!
November 13, 2009 01:17 AM PST


November 9th was the Start....so I'm helping you Close out the Week with your Very Own BDAY MIX!!!

World, keep your eyes & ears open....One of America's next Greatest Writers. I have read his Screenplays, and I KNOW they will be on that Silver Screen......SOON! Thank God for people like Brian, because the revival of "Cult Classics" will see the Light Again!!
A Freshman @ UC San Bernadino, and ripping through those Writing Courses.....

Brian Chidueme.....my COUSIN!!! YAY!

If you EVER think you know more about Electronic/Trance/House/Music is General....this boy will make you feel really bad about yourself, haha. He is a walking Electro Encyclopedia....his Words: PARTY, FUN, DAFT, NOISE, RAVE....Genre: ElectroHouse

I almost Spoiled the Surprise by Letting listen to half of it....so here it is!

Happy 18th....this is WAAAAY Better, than being able to Legally get into clubs, where you can't even Legally Drink......

~Lady Lane~

Episode# 9: Family♥Part 1: Worldwide Famis' MixTape
November 05, 2009 01:39 PM PST

Worldwide Famis....Famis for short is my Brother.
I'm proud to present Him to All of You, because you might be hearing him banging the Bass out of your System very soon.
Hip Hop Artist/Producer...LOOK OUT!!

His 5 Words: Album Of The Year

Genre: HipHop....

I made do with the words that were given (THANKS, BUDDY!, ha!)
Dedicating this our Nomadic Family activities and Growing up with 90s hip-hop in PA/NY....and whooping your A&@ until you got taller than me (unfair Advantage!!)

LOVE YOU.....World Famis, Famis World.

Check him out on I-Tunes....
~Lady Lane~

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